About Us

Northern Broadband began in 2010 to provide local area residence with high speed internet and voice communications but quickly found out the need was far greater than just downtown North Branch. Northern Broadband has expanded into parts of Clifford, Marlette, Brown City, Silverwood and Deerfield. Starting in the summer of 2021 Northern Broadband has started building a fiber network to continue network capacity upgrades to its wireless tower network but also start offering Fiber to the Home.

Providing internet services at faster speeds and with quality  that other providers infrastructures just don’t have in the North Branch area has proven to be the heart of our business.

Rest assured, you will receive the best possible internet service & support for the price.

Bigger companies do not see the importance in one-on-one and personalized customer service and it has shown to be one of the biggest of our strengths, Packages listed are not the only plans we offer. Need something specific or special (DIA,PTP or PTMP) give us a call we can build a custom solution for you.

Be sure to check out our various connection options, Wireless or Fiber we strive to give you the best connection to the world.

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